About Us

Geanti offers you services with a full range of marine capabilities for all stages of a project’s life cycle from conceptual design to decommissioning covering desktop/feasibility studies, analyses, appraisals, optimisations, life time extensions, mooring, testing and verification services, risk management and safety. We utilise the most advanced software in the industry such as:

ABAQUS, FE-SAFE, Staad PRO, Moses, Orcaflex, MaxSurf, Aveva Marine, SESAM, SACS, AUTOPIPE, SAGE Profile 3D

ABAQUS FE-SAFE Staad PRO Moses Orcaflex
MaxSurf Aveva Marine AUTOPIPE SAGE Profile 3D SESAM, SACS

We aim to always achieve our mission by adhering to our six core driving values


We are a group of inspired Marine Consultants that personally support Asset Managers to achieve their duties.


We innovate using the latest methods to bring success to our clients’ projects. We look at problems from different angles and perspectives.


We respond to the needs of our clients whilst being respectful to deadlines and the pressures of working in a global industry. Geanti is available to provide 24-hour support and guidance to your business.


We focus on integrating with our clients, as if we were part of your company and achieve your goals as if they were our own.


Geanti is on the forefront of offshore technology practices and engineering standards.


Relocatable to project site team of Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and other Consultants that are always ready to respond in a timely manner.