Fracture Integrity Assessment/Fatigue

Geanti has in-house expertise and software to perform Finite Element Analysis for complex engineering problems including but not limited to; pipeline installation, dynamic on-bottom stability analysis, lateral and upheaval buckling, pipeline spans including static and modal analysis, umbilical and pipeline pull-in and pull-out assessments, and solid modelling of pipelines for impact assessment, local buckling and local strength checks due to corrosion and or defects, and many more applications. Geanti has engineering professionals with the ability to undertake global and local buckling analysis and mitigation system design for pipelines. High level study is performed to determine susceptibility of pipelines and flowlines to buckling followed by evaluation to determine if a buckling mitigation strategy is required.

Furthermore, we apply:

  • Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) based on BS7910 using Crackwise
  • Fracture Analysis based on FEA

Subsea Structure FE Analysis

  • Conceptual / detail component design
  • Conversions of existing designs
  • Procurement support
  • Static, dynamic and impact simulations using Abaqus and ANSYS