Asset Integrity Management

Geanti knows that ensuring an asset is safe and operating in the most efficient manner, is one of the major drivers for operators worldwide. Geanti helps its clients manage the integrity, performance, and reliability of their assets from the concept phase, all the way through to decommissioning.
Our integrity and inspection engineers can integrate with your existing teams to support on-going operations and provide advice on integrity engineering, fitness for service assessments, corrosion studies, life-extension studies, and risk-based inspection methodologies. Geanti delivers support, advice, and engineering consulting to establish and maintain management systems.

Asset Review Audit

In today’s complex operations, time and money are limited. That’s why we offer our asset review audit, giving our clients an overview of their current operations, and provide recommendations on where improvements and cost savings can be made. The audit involves one of our experienced integrity consultants spending 5 days in our client’s office, speaking with the different team members, analysing systems and processes, and delivering a concise presentation at the end of the week.

We help deliver effective Integrity Management with our experience in all areas of:

  • Asset Integrity Management Strategy
  • Performance Standards
  • Third Party Verifications
  • Asset Uptime Improvements
  • Visual Asset Reality and Spherical Photography
  • Asset Review Audit