Defect Monitoring and Control

Visual Asset Reality (VAR) and Spherical Photography

Visual Asset Reality can be used to facilitate Risk Based Approach/Inspections and therefore eliminates the need to visit your asset, thus reducing operational costs and time. It also allows your team to become familiar with any project without having to leave the office.

VAR gives users the opportunity of detailed virtual walk-throughs onboard the unit or jumping from room to room using the interactive map. This means that the user can focus on defects, maintenance hotspots or other points of interest.

The software uses Spherical Photography to reconstruct the asset on any computer so that the entire unit can be inspected on the screen, thus saving on the costs of personnel training and their certification required for physical visits.

VAR can be used in the following applications:

Life Time Extensions (LTE) Inspections and Surveys Asset Integrity
Defects monitoring and control Conversions/Modifications Maintenance Tool
Emergency Response Walk-throughs Changes management
Operations planning and control Decommissioning Claims investigations
Risk Assessments Ergonomically Designed Spaces Personnel training

Visual Asset Reality (VAR)