Pipeline Engineering & Fatigue Analysis

Geanti has advanced capability and experience to perform mechanical design to fully optimise and tailor each pipeline for all aspects including:

  • All pipeline sizes from large diameter trunk lines to small diameter flowlines
  • All project phases from conceptual studies to detailed analysis
  • Onshore pipelines (buried or not) and offshore pipelines (shallow and deep water)
  • Design of end connections including tie-in spools and risers
  • Detail design in accordance with various codes including DNV, API, AS and ASME

Our design capabilities include both conventional pipeline solutions and more complicated scenarios requiring innovative solutions for:

  • Upheaval buckling and on-bottom stability analysis of pipelines
  • Lateral buckling and pipeline walking analysis
  • Corrosion resistant alloys
  • FEA and Fracture based fatigue analysis
  • Tie-in analysis for flowlines

Fracture Integrity Assessment & Fatigue

We provide in-house expertise and software to perform Finite Element Analysis for complex engineering problems including but not limited to; pipeline installation, dynamic on-bottom stability analysis, lateral and upheaval buckling, pipeline spans including static and modal analysis, umbilical and pipeline pull-in and pull-out assessments, and solid modelling of pipelines for impact assessment, local buckling and local strength checks due to corrosion and or defects, and many more applications.

We also undertake global and local buckling analysis and mitigation system design for pipelines. Typically, a high level study is performed to determine the susceptibility of pipelines and flowlines to buckling followed by an evaluation to determine susceptibility of pipelines and flowlines to determine if a buckling mitigation strategy is required.

Our design philosophy utilises Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) based on FEA for:

  • Fitness for service procedure
  • Fracture Analysis
  • Operation and maintenance analysis

In addition, we conduct any type of route survey for pipelines, flowlines, umbilicals and cables, including:

  • Planning and cost estimating
  • Survey plans and strategies
  • Scopes of work and specifications
  • Project management and contract administration
  • Offshore and onshore survey support including shore and waterway crossings
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Geotechnical surveys