Renewables – Offshore Wind

Geanti has long experience on offshore projects for mooring design, subsea cable and offshore structures dynamic analyses and their corresponding life extensions. Taking advantage of our in house experience developed especially for the Oil & Gas industry, we also provide engineering support to the steak holders of the offshore wind sector.

We perform structural analyses of wind turbines considering the fully coupled dynamic response of the system under aerodynamic and hydrodynamic loadings. We are also capable of analysing the FE model to account for the combination of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic loadings for the following structures:

  • Floating systems or foundations (Monopile or Jacket)
  • Wind turbines including control systems
  • Mooring lines
  • Subsea Cables

We have also successfully completed projects on Wind Farm Power Cables & Cable Protection System (CPS) including installation engineering, strength and fatigue analyses. In addition, we studied the Vertical Cable Vibration (VCV) and Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) of the power cable and the CPS free span length, inside and outside the monopile. These were appraised to API-S-17E and DNV F105 standards respectively.

Power-Cable Installation Engineering which was required for the pull-in of subsea power cables through each wind turbine’s monopile at its base, up through the inside of the pile to a fixed hang- off point above sea level. This project involved the power-cable installation methodology and implementation using Orcaflex.